Recruit Members


When someone arrives at your website for the first time, they’re on a mission. Most likely a search engine or a link has brought them to your site and they’re looking for something. So how do you convert these visitors into members?

1) Be organized

Don’t aggravate your visitors. Make it easy for visitors to find what they need. One of the founding principles of the SiteTogether system was to improve the organization and consistency of information. Many associations have branches that are effectively competing with each other — each doing things their own way, calling programs by different names, and taking a wildly different approaches to marketing. By unifying the language and providing clear, well-organized menu choices you make it easy for visitors to find what they need.

2) Maximize the schedule

The heart of SiteTogether is the scheduling system. It’s super-easy to login and add new class sessions or make updates. And it’s even easier for site visitors to navigate the schedule. Easily drill-down and see the schedule of a class for your local branch or for all branches. Maybe a branch a few miles away offers a class at a more convenient time? You can sort the association-wide schedule by branch, day of the week, or time of day. This shows visitors the full breadth of offerings while keeping it easy to find what works best for them.

3) Offer a guest pass

SiteTogether has a guest pass request feature. A user enters their contact information and they receive an email with a customized PDF guest pass with their name and branch of choice. The terms of the pass can be whatever you like, but a 3-day guest pass is a great way for people to experience all the Y has to offer. The best part is that you get a weekly email report of all the new requests complete with their contact info so you can follow up and convert these leads into new members.

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