The small-screen future

Not being mobile-friendly just isn’t an option. Not only are you missing out on a significant portion of your audience, Google has made it clear that not having a mobile version will penalize your search engine results. As of 2016, the standard edition of SiteTogether doesn’t use Responsive Design (the accepted standard for ensuring mobile compatibility, which is actually used on this site). For maximum performance and usability, SiteTogether utilizes mobile detection and redirects visitors to a mobile version of the website. Having a dedicated mobile version ensures no compromises and allows us to control every detail of the layout with lean code. A separate mobile site means we don’t have to program multiple layouts — just one. That keeps things speedy for mobile users and avoids the frustration of slogging through a slow, clunky website on your phone.

“Responsive Design Everywhere” is still the likely the future. Everyday mobile devices have more processing power and bigger screens. It’s likely the the efficiency of a dedicated mobile site will become irrelevant in the future. That’s why the core of SiteTogether is built on a responsive framework. When the day comes to switch to a Responsive Design, SiteTogether will be ready.

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