Making it work

SiteTogether is going to let my whole staff update the website? You know that could mean hundreds of people messing around with things they don’t understand?

Yep. That’s exactly right. We have tons of tools and features in place to make this way of managing a website work. First, not all users have access to all features. If you only want a person to be able to contribute to the blog, give them a blog-access account. If you only want them to be able to update a class schedule you can assign them an access level that only gives them access to the schedule. Want to make sure all the schedule info is double-checked before it goes live? No problem. The newly scheduled info shows up on the dashboard of top-level administrators when they login. In a few clicks new schedule info is approved and live.

There’s no need to worry about anyone breaking content either. The page editor uses a WYSIWYG interface that looks a lot like a regular word processor. If you can write a document on a computer, you can update a page in SiteTogether. Any funky scripts or questionable code is automatically filtered. This keeps the site stable and consistent. If you need a page to do something more sophisticated, just call. After all, we’re making this site together.

There are a lot of other cool management tools in SiteTogether. The WatchDog allows you to scan your online schedule to find classes that are out of date and assign the task of updating it in a few clicks. Want to see what your users have been up to? Bring up a list of all the scheduled classes a staff member has entered.

SiteTogether sends weekly and monthly reports to your managers about visitor touch points - info requests and guest pass requests (if enabled). These reports make it easy to follow up on interactions and turn visitors into members.

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