Keep Members


Keeping members happy is mostly about what happens in the brick and mortar world, but a good website can help keep members engaged.

1) Keep things updated

Old, outdated information kills websites. With SiteTogether, nearly all page content is updateable through our secure back end. Just choose the page you want to edit and start typing. Having fresh content is easy when you empower staff members to make changes themselves instead of submitting update requests. With SiteTogether, users can edit code, but questionable code and scripting is automatically filtered out. There’s no need to worry about the site breaking because someone accidentally used a semi-colon. ;)

2) Alerts

Extreme weather or other crises happen. When they do, SiteTogether lets you make emergency announcements on the homepage and at the branch level. Alert messages appear at the top of the page in big red letters to get critical information to site visitors. Alerts are always created with an expiration date so you don’t have to remember to turn them off, they just expire.

3) A window into more activity

Drawing on the information stored in the schedule, the “What’s Happening Today” feature brings up a list of all classes happening today at a branch. It’s a great way to see a snapshot of all the things a branch offers to their community.

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