Help when you need it

SiteTogether was built to be straightforward and super-easy to use — but sometimes things break, sometimes you need a little help, and sometimes you want to make something new and exciting. That’s when you see the real value of SiteTogether. The SiteTogether experts are readily available by email, phone, or even Skype. SiteTogether experts are actually experts, not phone-farm customer service reps. They’re the people that built SiteTogether from the ground, so they know what they’re doing. And we’re all right here at Version2 headquarters in Cincinnati. We all want to work on your site, together, to make it as good as it can possibly be.

And this isn’t just technical support. This is design support and information architecture support. You’ll have access to people who understand information, marketing, design, and the web. You’re not just hiring an agency, you’re adding a huge pool of talent to your team.

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