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  • Let’s make a SiteTogether

    The website platform for YMCAs that’s easy to use and easy to update.

  • Invest in Nothing

    Nothing to install. Nothing to host. Nothing to manage.
    A simple way for your team to manage day-to-day content changes.

  • Many Hands

    Put your staff in charge of their own content.
    Give the IT department the day off.

  • Available Everywhere

    Android and iOS devices are detected and redirected to a mobile version automatically.

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  • Customize and grow

    Unique needs are no problem.
    We can create features to make your SiteTogether site work for you.

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  • Reliable Support

    Expert help is just a call or email away.

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Built for Ys

Recruiting and retaining members while constantly gathering donations — it’s a big job that YMCAs do so they can keep doing good in their community. Online, this means keeping info updated for branches, schedules, events and announcements while gathering new member leads and maintinitng the YMCA’s strict brand standards.

Can this be done without a dedicated staff?

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Update it

SiteTogether was designed to balance updatability with stability. Almost all site content is readilly editable by your staff so keeping the site up to date is a snap.

Changes to style and structure are made by the SiteTogether development team to maintain your brand consistency and web best practices.

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Schedule it

The SiteTogether schedule interface allows visitors to quickly navigate the program schedule and find the classes they are looking for. But a good interface doesn’t help if the information isn’t there.

How can you keep your schedule up-to-date without it becoming full-time job?

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What’s new

SiteTogether is Responsive! - 11/6/18

Being responsive may seem like a ridiculous thing to brag about in 2018 but in this case it's warranted. ... Read More   >>

New Editor is in beta - 3/8/18

We're very excited to announce that a new version of the content (page) editor is currently in beta and accessible to all who wish to use it. This has been in the works for a long time!  Here are some of the highlights:... Read More   >>

version2 has a new website - 7/28/17

The dynamic team that created and maintains SiteTogether has launched a new website! The ... Read More   >>

2017 Roadmap - 4/21/17

SiteTogether continues to improve with new features and enhancements. Here's our roadmap for new features. We welcome all input about the system, what you'd like to see improved and what features you need:... Read More   >>

Cosmetic update and fix - 11/30/16

Brand change is complete!We're officially operating as SiteTogether! The name change to SiteTogether is now universally applied on all backends. There's no change in functionality with this update, but users will see the SiteTogether name and logo throughout the management area.... Read More   >>

Peashooter/CSTwo is now SiteTogether - 7/8/16

I helped create Peashooter in 2007. It was a major undertaking. The goal was to create a system for YMCAs that was easy for users to navigate (especially in terms of finding classes) and easy to maintain and update. Over the past 9 years the system has necessarily evolved with changing technology and the input of numerous users and managers. Each update made the system a little better.... Read More   >>

Get started

Ready to take a giant leap forward online?

Empower your staff to contribute content and update schedules while maintaining control. But you won’t be on your own. You’ll have SiteTogether’s experts in marketing, programing, and design just a call or email away. It’s going to be great, but we can’t get started until you Contact Us   >>

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